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Thank you to everyone who attended Camp17.

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At Camp17, our vision is simple: to provide one-of-a-kind camp experiences where fans interact with their favorite digital influencers in a fun and safe environment that nurtures authenticity, personal growth, and the creation of friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

A key component of this resident camp for girls and boys is partnering with digital influencers who want to do more than just entertain their fans; they want to inspire them to discover new passions and learn more about themselves. From the get-go, influencers curate camps around the country that encourage a tight-knit community, where every camper feels welcomed. Camp17 is a place where the importance of kindness, gratitude, and working as a team are the norm, rather than the exception. Having fun is a main component of Camp17. Campers are encouraged to try new things, all while under the watchful eye of qualified instructors who know how to connect with kids and challenge them in just the right ways!

No matter the session, Camp17 will quickly become your child’s new favorite summer home – a place where strong traditions, thrilling activities, and amazing digital superstars will leave your child wanting to return year after year.

frequently asked questions

How many campers are at each camp?
Depending on the camp, there will be anywhere from 175 to 400 campers attending.  By today’s standards, this is a relatively small size for a major summer camp, and the low camper count helps us ensure the best interaction possible between our celebrity counselors and campers.  That is very important to us.
How do you select which digital stars will host a camp?
Our digital talent partners are the driving force behind the feel of each camp, so we actively seek and partner with those influencers who want to do more than just entertain fans.  Partner influencers are industry leaders in the digital world and are excited about inspiring campers – encouraging them to discover new passions and learn more about themselves.
How much time will I get with the talent?
Camp talent will make appearances for certain days and/or specific activities during camp.  While you will not spend the same amount of time with each of the stars, we will be working closely with them to deliver the best experience possible.
Where are your camps held?
We partner with top campgrounds across the country to offer some of the very best facilities found in the summer camp industry. Partner camps are located in stunning outdoor settings – along the shores of magnificent lakes or in pristine wilderness mountain settings.

Cabins have electricity, as well as and bathrooms, showers, and sinks, either in suite, or within a walkable distance. Program areas are amazing, and generally include swimming pools, rope courses/ziplines, sports fields, archery ranges, and fine arts facilities, as well as large dining halls that serve the entire camp.

Where do your campers come from?
Campers come from around the country!  50% are generally from the immediate surrounding areas, while the other 50% come from states like New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Texas and abroad.

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