frequently asked questions


How long are your camps?

Each camp varies slightly in length, but most camps runs 4-7 days in length.  See our Registration Page for each camp’s specific length.

What does it cost to attend camp?

Camp pricing fluctuates depending on the camp’s theme, size, length, and geographical location.  See our Registration Page for each camp’s specific price.

What is your refund policy?

If cancellation occurs before April 21, 2017, a full refund, minus the 20% non-refundable deposit will be given.  Registration fees are non-refundable after this date, except due to illness as documented by a doctor’s note or death of immediate family member that prevents them from attending camp.

How many campers are at each camp?

Depending on the camp, there will be anywhere from 175 to 400 campers attending.  By today’s standards, this is a relatively small size for a major summer camp, and the low camper count helps us ensure the best interaction possible between our celebrity counselors and campers.  That is very important to us.

What is your age and gender breakdown?

Most camps are residential co-ed camps for boys and girls ages 10-17 years old.  However, a few camps have stricter gender or age requirements, so be sure to check the specific camp’s registration page for details.

How do you select which digital stars will host a camp?

Our digital talent partners are the driving force behind the feel of each camp, so we actively seek and partner with those influencers who want to do more than just entertain fans.  Partner influencers are industry leaders in the digital world and are excited about inspiring campers – encouraging them to discover new passions and learn more about themselves.

How many influencers are at each camp?

It depends on the camp.  There are always at least one or two main “Head Counselors” who pick the theme and plan the activities.  Then, depending on the program requirements, additional influencers might be brought in to help out.  You never know who might stop by!

How much time will I get with the talent?

Our creators are involved in at least a few hours of activities every day. You will have several sessions with them, in addition to our full schedule of awesome camp activities. We will also make sure that every camper gets at least one opportunity to take a photo with each creator.

What should I do if I have questions about my child’s camp experience?

If you currently DO NOT have a child at camp, you can reach our main office at (818) 853-9830 between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST, and someone will be happy to assist you. If you currently DO have a child at camp, please refer to your specific camp’s guide book and call the campground directly. We will be happy to arrange a phone conversation between you and the Camp Director when necessary. Please be aware that things are busy at camp and someone cannot always return your call immediately, though it is our policy to return all calls the same day, when camp is in session.

When leaving a message, please be sure to state your name, your child’s name, your phone number, and the reason for your call.

May I visit my child while he/she is at camp?

There are no visiting hours during camp.

Will you be awarding scholarships?

Yes, a limited number of campers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be selected by an impartial scholarship review committee* to receive full fee waivers for each of our camps.  In addition to income, the committee will consider extenuating factors such as family member illness, household size, extracurricular activities and a personal statement.


How do you address the health and safety of campers?

Safety is the top priority at Camp17. All of our facilities and staff practice fire, aquatic, and other emergency skills and drills on a routine basis. Each of our camps has access to local fire and police services, and are generally located within 20 minutes of a hospital.

Is camp17 a member of the American Camp Association (ACA)?

Yes, we are a proud member of the ACA and follow their best standards and safety practices.

Does camp17 make provisions for special diets?

We do our best to accommodate special diets, such as vegetarians, dairy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, or kosher, no matter if it is for personal or medical reasons. However, WE ARE NOT A GLUTEN-FREE OR PEANUT-FREE KITCHEN, and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur. All of our kitchens have processes in place to minimize contamination from happening, but there is sometimes gluten or peanuts in the air and on work surfaces. If you are Celiac and/or highly sensitive/allergic to gluten or peanuts, please contact in advance to discuss how we can best accommodate your child’s needs.

What kind of supervision will my child have at camp?

Campers live in cabins with 10-16 other youth and 2-4 counselors.  Each of our camps requires that campers are supervised by staff at all times, even during informal and free time activities.  Our staff selection process is extremely thorough, and counsellors benefit from thorough training and extensive background checks.

What if my child misses home?

Part of the training counselors go through is how to be sensitive to campers who miss home.  It is not unusual for campers of any age, and even for returning ones, to miss home.  Our schedule attempts to keep them as busy as possible, and campers who need a little extra “TLC” are helped along by caring counselors.

How are homesickness and other adjustment issues handled?

It is our aim to make sure every camper has a positive experience while at camp, and we know every child reacts differently to being away from home.  Our staff is prepared to give each camper the individual attention they require to facilitate this positive experience, and will be proactive when it comes to handling homesickness.  However, if homesickness becomes so intense that it interferes with the camper’s overall experience, parents will be notified by the Camp Director, and a plan on how to move forward will be
made with their input.


How do you select your staff?

One of the best things about camp17 is our staff, and each one must go through a rigorous interview process before being hired. Typical applicants are young adults, usually in college or graduate school, but are sometimes recent graduates. We look for individuals with a strong self-image, outgoing personality, and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

The hiring process starts by working with our partner campground’s core leadership, many of whom are parents as well, and carefully identifying the type and amount of staff we need for each camp. From there, interviews are held. These aim to understand more than an applicant’s teaching skills. Emphasis is put on common sense, quick thinking, role modeling, maturity, and a hard work ethic.  Qualified candidates must then undergo background checks and referencing, and only then are the most qualified candidates hired.

What type of training do camp counselors receive?

We provide an intensive pre-camp orientation program that includes training in safety, communication, emergency procedures, child abuse prevention, camp expectations, and supervision procedures.  When appropriate, special trainings and certifications are provided for many of our activity specialists (i.e. ropes course, waterfront, archery).

What is the staff-to- camper ratio?

We maintain at least a ratio of 1:8 at all of our camps, and often are closer to a ratio of 1:6, meaning we meet or exceed ACA standards.


Where are your camps held?

We partner with top campgrounds across the country to offer some of the very best facilities found in the summer camp industry. Partner camps are located in stunning outdoor settings – along the shores of magnificent lakes or in pristine wilderness mountain settings.

Cabins have electricity, as well as and bathrooms, showers, and sinks, either in suite, or within a walkable distance. Program areas are amazing, and generally include swimming pools, rope courses/ziplines, sports fields, archery ranges, and fine arts facilities, as well as large dining halls that serve the entire camp.

What if my child wakes up in the middle of the night?

Campers live in cabins with counselors, who are always there for campers who may wake up in the middle of the night.

What is the food like?

Food at our camps is nutritious and well-prepared by professional staff who hold all certifications required by state and federal law.  Salad bars and fruit are available at every meal, and arrangements can be made for campers with dietary restrictions (see more in the Safety section).


Do you allow campers from other countries to attend?

Yes! (see the next question for travel info)

My child doesn’t live near the camp they want to attend, can they still come?

Of course! For campers who need to fly, we provide a shuttle service (additional fee) to and from major airports in the camp’s immediate area. Campers are met at the airport by camp personnel wearing Camp17 apparel, and are escorted to our bus for the trip to camp. A member of Leadership team will ensure your child sends you a text or calls you when they arrive.

Please note that campers of a certain age (each airline’s requirements are different) must travel with an Unaccompanied Minor form purchased at the time reservations are made. Please prepay for this service for both the flight to camp and the flight from camp.  Before completing the Unaccompanied Minor Form, please contact our main office for the name and address of the person who will meet your child at the airport. Please ensure you note the Record Locator Number (located on your child’s airfare itinerary) on the travel form. This allows the Camp17 team to change the name of the person meeting your child at the gate in the event the person scheduled is held up with another camper. There is a Camp17 Unaccompanied Minor surcharge of $30 due to the increase in staffing required to meet campers at their Gates.

See each specific camp’s guidebook for more information and costs.

I’m driving my child to camp, what time should I drop them off and pick them up?

Check each specific camp’s guidebook for exact drop off and pickup times, but in general, plan to have them to camp by late-afternoon on the first day and pick them up mid-morning on closing day. Once there, you will be met by the Camp Director or other senior Leadership team members.. Please note that campers may not leave camp with anyone except their parents or guardian, unless arrangements have been made with the Camp Director in advance.

I live near the airport, can my child ride the airport shuttle to camp?

All campers are eligible to ride the shuttle from the airport to camp by paying the shuttle fee and registering for shuttle transportation. Once you register a CampInTouch Account will be created for you. Log in and click on Forms and Documents.  The Transportation form is located here.  Complete the transportation form by selecting Shuttle and filling in the information.  Drop off time and meeting location will be communicated closer to camp.

Where do your campers come from?

Campers come from around the country!  50% are generally from the immediate surrounding areas, while the other 50% come from states like New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Texas and abroad.


Will my child have access to his / her phone during Camp?

Children who are flying in will be requested to text and/or call you once they arrive to confirm their safe arrival.  Some camps will have designated times during which phones and other technology may be used.

Is there Wi-Fi access on camp?

There is limited Wi-Fi access in some locations on camp.